Frank W. Barr Memorial Scholarship—was established in 1990 in honor of the 2nd Superintendent of the school system who served from 1964 to 1979. Dr. Barr was a member of many professional educational organizations as well as a member of many community groups. The $500.00 scholarship is being awarded to a senior who will pursue a humanities and/or liberal arts major at a college of university. Mark Zach

Bruce Linden Cherkala Memorial Scholarship—was created in 1991 by the Cherkala family as a memory to their son, Bruce, who graduated from Fairview High in 1968. While at FHS, Bruce was an honor student, letterman in football and tennis. Bruce went on to graduate from Denison University and the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine with a M.D. degree. Bruce passed away suddenly in 1982. This $500.00 scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who will pursue science or mathematics at a college or university. Matthew McCluskey

Business Advisory Council/Richard Nicoloff Memorial Scholarship—this $500.00 scholarship has been ongoing for many years with the Business Advisory Council, but beginning in 2008, it was named in memory of Richard Nicoloff. Richard passed away suddenly in September of 2007 and was a strong proponent of education. He held two master degrees and had a career in banking that took place at the Cleveland branch of the Federal Reserve and at National City Bank. Two of his children are graduates of Fairview High School and his wife Judy is a long time member of the Business Advisory Council and was named Chamber of Commerce’s Business Person of the Year. Patrick McLaughlin

Coca Cola Scholarship – established in 2007 through the Coca Cola Bottling Company. Two $1,000.00 scholarships will be awarded yearly. The criteria for this scholarship is overall academic/community and school achievement.Elizabeth Pawlowski & Adam Klopp

Maureen Cundiff Memorial Scholarship – established for a scholarship in 2007 through donations made by community and friends for the Cundiff Family. Maureen was a very active person in the community, including being a member of the board of education, president of PTA, member of the Gemini Committee and many more organizations.   She gave so much of herself to her family and community that having a scholarship in her memory is a wonderful way to remember her. The scholarship is a $500.00 scholarship and the scholarship is to be awarded to an outstanding female varsity athletic. Katherine Evin

Laura Dean Scholarship Memorial Scholarship—established in March 2001 through a bequest of funding from the estate of a former Fairview Park teacher and former Fairview High principal, Laura Dean. Ms. Dean’s teaching and administrative career in the Fairview Park Schools began in 1929 and lasted for 45 years. Her first assignment was teaching mathematics to elementary students and later serving as the second principal of Fairview High School. It was at her request that the scholarship awards be given to young women pursuing careers in mathematics or in the field of applied mathematics. There are two $1,000.00 scholarships being awarded to two deserving graduating female seniors.Stephanie Grealis & Julie Homolak

Gilles-Sweet Elementary School Education Major Scholarship—one $500.00 scholarships are given to graduating seniors who plan to pursue a career in the Education field and have shown good academic ability and leadership while in high school. The students receiving this scholarship must have done their Learn and Teach Program experience at Gilles-Sweet Elementary School. Carmen Rietta

Fred J. & Betty J. Helwig Scholarship—a scholarship given in the names of their parents’ honor by the Helwig children. The scholarship was created in 1999 and funded each year by the Helwig children. The two scholarships of $1,000 each are awarded to hard-working students who demonstrate initiative, self-motivation and a desire to achieve. In addition to the scholarship award, the scholarship recipient’s names will be added to a permanent plaque that hangs in the Fairview High School halls to commemorate this award. Amanda Belko and Joe Mills

Mary Hoertz Memorial Scholarship—a $250.00 scholarship is given to a graduating senior who has shown leadership, community involvement, school participation and academic ability. Katherine Puckly

Robert V. Kundmueller Memorial Scholarship— was established in 1998 by the Kundmueller Family and funded on behalf of the proceeds from the Foundation’s annual fundraiser, the Robert V. Kundmueller Memorial Golf Tournament.   Since its inception, eighteen years ago, proceeds total $100,000. Bob was the Foundation’s founding treasurer and trustee in addition to a local business owner in the City of Fairview Park for many years. Having six children educated in the Fairview School System, Bob was a strong advocate and supporter of the Fairview schools. numerous civic organizations and FP Citizen of the Year recipient. The scholarship is for $2,000.00. Amanda Dunson

Lewis F. Mayer Memorial Scholarship—a $500.00 scholarship is awarded to an outstanding Fairview High School senior, in memory of Mr. Mayer, a humanitarian of Fairview Park, an educator, principal and the first superintendent of the Fairview Park Schools, serving from 1921 to 1964. Molly Martin

Medical Mutual Scholarship—this $500.00 scholarship was established in 2008 and is made available through the Health Insurance Plan that the Fairview Park City School District participates in. This will be a yearly scholarship awarded to a student with both a combined outstanding academic achievement and economic need. Gabrielle Colon

Vern G. Rollin Environmental Science Scholarship—a $500.00 scholarship created and funded by Mr. Vern Rollin, a Fairview Park resident since 1943. Mr. Rollin was an engineer at NASA and taught in the Fairview Park Schools for 25 years until his retirement. The scholarship is awarded to a graduating Fairview High School senior who is interested in pursuing a career in the environmental sciences. Huan Bui

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