The need was identified and the community answered.

Thank you to all of the Project Warrior Pride donors for making this project possible. Over $22,000 was raised to renovate and purchase new equipment for the weight room at Fairview High School.

Renovations have been completed. Check out the results:

What was Project Warrior Pride?

Project Warrior Pride was a community fundraising campaign to renovate the weight room at Fairview High School. A new training facility was desperately needed for our young adults whether or not they participate in a sport. At its core, this project was a collaborative effort of alumni, parents, students, our community, and our local businesses to restore the traditions of FHS, specifically the winning spirit FHS has always had and needs to believe in again.

What was the problem with the former weight room?

The former weight room at Fairview High School was outdated, non-user friendly, and unsafe for our students. The available equipment was as old as 40 years in some cases, and was rusty with torn upholstery in nearly every case. The majority of Dumbbells, which ranged from 70 lbs. to 120 lbs., were heavier that most kids can lift. The flooring was spotty and inconsistent, making it unsafe for group fitness. None of the equipment was adjustable to adapt to the gender and size variations of our students. The facility was more akin to a workout space in someone’s basement rather than a facility the caliber of which our students deserve and need.